First/Second Grade Division Rules/Guidelines

UpdatedMonday August 31, 2015 byJFL Commissioner.

JFL Rules and Guidelines for First and Second Grade Division

1)      Teams will play 2 – 20 minute halves with 10-15 minutes of practice before the game and a 5 minute half time.
2)      There will be a coin toss for which team gets ball first.
3)      Play until the 20 minute half is over – but let the team with the ball near the end of the half “finish the drive” (either a touchdown or run out of downs).
4)      The team that was on defense when the first half ended gets the ball when the second half begins (even if they also won the coin toss).
5)      Parents/coaches will be the quaterback.  The other coach should count to 12  (1-one thousand, 2-one thousand etc) and if the quarterback has not thrown the ball - the play is dead. 
6)      Ball starts at the 20 at each drive, 50 yard line is a first down.
7)      Kids are not allowed to swat/push away the hands of the defender trying to get the flag.  If that occurs the play is dead at the site of the “foul”.  Spinning is allowed.
8)      If one team has more players than the other team:
a.       If one team has one extra player:
                                                 i.      On defense – one player should be designated to play the line
                                                 ii.      On offense – one player should be rotated in every set of downs (the player should end up sitting for 2-3 minutes every player should have a chance to “sit” – even the best player).
b.      If one team has two extra players
                                                   i.      The team with two extra players should send one player to the other team to even it out (rotate the player that is on the other team).
9) No 'fumbles'.  If a player drops the ball after catching a pass, the ball is dead at that location.